Suggested Reading for Chapter 13: Constraint Handling

  • T. Bäck, D.B. Fogel, and Z. Michalewicz, editors.
     Evolutionary Computation 2: Advanced Algorithms and Operators: Chapters 6–12, pages 38–86. Institute of Physics Publishing, Bristol, 2000 A series of chapters providing comprehensive reviews of different EA approaches to constraint handling, written by experts in the field
  • B.G.W. Craenen, A.E. Eiben, and J.I. van Hemert.
    Comparing evolutionary algorithms on binary constraint satisfaction problems.  IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, 7:5 pp. 424–444, 2003.
  • A.E. Eiben.  Evolutionary algorithms and constraint satisfaction: Definitions, survey, methodology, and research directions. In L. Kallel, B. Naudts, A. Rogers, Eds. Theoretical Aspects of Evolutionary Computing. Springer, 2001.
    Clear definitions and a good overview of evolutionary constraint handling methods from the CSP point of view
  • J.E.  Smith.  Genetic Algorithms, Chapter in Handbook of Global Optimization Volume 2,  , pages 275–362. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, 2002
    A good overview of constraint handling methods in GAs from the COP point of view
  • Z. Michalewicz and M. Schoenauer.  Evolutionary algorithms for constrained parameter optimisation problems.  Evolutionary Computation, 4:1 pp. 1–32, 1996.

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