Exercises for Chapter 15: Coevolutionary Systems

    1. Implement a two-population cooperative GA where the solutions in each population code for half of a 50-bit OneMax problem, and
      the populations take it in turns to evolve for a generation.
      If you have already implemented a single population binary-coded EA for this problem use the same parameters within each population.  Otherwise use 100 in each population, binary tournament selection, 1-point crossover with probability 0.7 and bit-wise mutation with probability 0.01.

Investigate the effect of random versus best pairing strategies.

  1. Now repeat this experiment, but this time use a competitive
    model. Let the fitness that one population gets be the OneMax
    score and the fitness that the other gets be (50 – OneMax) i.e.,
    ZeroMax. What happens to the two populations?

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